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Guide to Submitting

This page explains the criteria you should follow when submitting a new entry. The information is ordered by the fields to be filled out.

Please use the modified Hepburn system for romanization. Always represent the kana "n" by the Latin character "n" (i.e. "shinbun" instead of "shimbun"). The long vowels "o" and "u" should be represented by "ô" and "û", in the case of the other vowels by duplication: ii, ee, and aa. For Japanese characters to be entered and displayed properly, you need to have a computer and operating system that is unicode capable. The encoding will be set automatically, so in most cases you don’t have to worry about it.

Please write the name of the author in kanji (and/or kana where appropriate) without spaces between family and personal name(s). If there are name variants, please include them in round brackets after the version you deem most usual. If previous entries for this author have already been made, please be sure to follow the spelling used in the previous entries. If you do not know the author or if the source is anonymous please leave both fields blank.

You can enter only a year or only a year and a month. If you do not know the date, leave this field blank and look whether you can at least specify the period from which the source dates.

Publication of Source
This field is optional and is currently not displayed in either the short result list or the long display.

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