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Lists of Translations

Japanese Sources in Translation

A Bibliographic Online Resource for the Study of Japanese History

Lists of Translations

On this page, we have listed books and online resources that contain translations or bibliographic references to translations. Works and sites marked with an asterisk have already been searched for suitable items (see Editorial Policies). You will find works in the following categories:

Printed bibliographies of translations

  • Hérail, Francine (1986) Bibliographie japonaise. Paris: Publications Orientalistes de France.
  • Kracht, Klaus (ed.) (2000) Japanese Thought in the Tokugawa Era. A Bibliography of Western-Language Materials (= IZUMI. Quellen, Studien und Materialien zur Kultur Japans, vol. 6). Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz.
  • Lewin, Bruno (ed.); Kracht, Klaus (1988) Japanische Fachtexte. Vol. 3: Japanische Geistesgeschichte. Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 454–504.

Online bibliographies of translations