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Japanese Sources in Translation

A Bibliographic Online Resource for the Study of Japanese History

Editorial Policies

This page explains the criteria which were followed in collecting the translations for Japanese Sources in Translation

Types of Sources to Be Included
While the focus is on sources for the use in historiography, this definition is meant to include almost all textual production in Japan until the recent past. The data input so far mainly encompasses historical sources and philosophical writings in the more narrow sense (i.e. not literary sources), but contributions from any field are most welcome. This database is best served by submitting new data first from hard-to-find sources. This is taken to mean translations, partial or whole, included in journal articles (other than from the journals listed below) or in appendices to monographs. Texts from, e.g., collections of translations, may of course also be included, although these are generally not very hard to find.

Partial Translations
Partial translations should only be included if they cover a substantial part of the original text. While there is a certain degree of subjective measure in this, as a rule no submissions should be made for single paragraphs of translation quoted from a longer text, but should start if chapters or longer contiguous sections are included.

Role of the Editors
The editors largely only look for integrity of data. That is, they will not change or delete submissions by users unless these result in duplicate entries or are clearly erroneous. Submissions will not usually be checked for integrity, however.

List of Journals Already Checked
The following academic journals regularly printing translations have already been perused in their entirety for the purposes of this database:

  • Japonica Humboldtiana, vol. 1 (1997) through 8 (2004)
  • Oriens Extremus, vol. 1 (1954) through 36 (1993)

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